In February of this year, completed three years with a great and growing endorsement by both Brazilian and international publics. Since then it has been many changes in its content.

In addition to the nearly 1 million podcasts heard since 2007[1], new publications have been created, e.g. the PMBOK® processes flow and the Portfolio processes flow which together account for more than 44,300 downloads.

With this new version, the website brings a richest content, providing detailed information about the Macrosolutions services. There is also an improvement in information architecture, and a modified design and source code, all planned to make the visitors reading experience and navigation more enjoyable and efficient, for those who access the website in desktops and laptops as well in mobile devices.

A large audience

All changes that appeared since the site's debut, made it one of the most visited sites in the World. According to the Alexa ranking, in 02/28/2012, is one of the most 395,000 visited sites in the world and one of the most 6,000 visited websites in Brazil. This means that the site is more visited than 98.7% of all the 30 million sites in the Alexa's world ranking.

Alexa statistics on 02/28/2012

New workshop: PMRank Top ↑

The PMRank® workshop is a practical and innovative training about projects portfolio management. You'll help a fictitious company to manage its projects portfolio and understand in practice the decision making models to select the appropriate projects for the strategic business objectives.

Read more about the workshop

New Consulting page

The consulting page has been completely redesigned, it has now a more complete content of each of our consulting services, providing detailed information to help you to compare and make the decision of which of our consulting services is the best for your company. See our consulting services.

New Training page

Our training pages have also been improved. Such as in consulting pages, you will find detailed information to help you to choose the course that best meet the learning challenges of your company. You'll also know the unique dynamics created by Ricardo Vargas, and they together with a carefully prepared courseware, will deliver a great learning experience. See our trainings.

One design, multiple possibilities Top ↑

Based of the increasing the number of mobile devices browsing the web, a very important objective was defined, redesign the site's interface to be more user-friendly to mobile phones and tablets visitors.

Many things have been done to optimize the pages' rendering on different screen resolutions and devices. It now fits the screen resolutions, from an iPhone to the biggest screen resolutions of most laptops and desktops browsers that access the site on a daily basis from more than 90 countries.

Faster and more friendly

Behind everything you see when browsing the website, there are over 20,000 lines of programming code, which are responsible for the visual structure, as well as the pages' "mechanics". The source code, very important to the site's operation but invisible to the user, consumed more than half of the total project time.

Approximately one fifth of the website's source code was restructured in order to reduce and optimize functions that generate negative impacts on the website load time.

All this work will provide an average improvement of 25% in the page's loading speed, improving it's usability and performance.

But we didn't stop here Top ↑

All these changes are part of a long-term planning and in future other areas will be reviewed and can be changed, seeking to constantly improve it. We would like to hear your opinion about this new version, feel free to leave your compliments, criticisms and suggestions in the follow comment form.

Warmest regards,
Ricardo Vargas.