Hannes Schollenberger

Ricardo succeeded in teaching the complex matter of Risk Management in an excellent and comprehensive way.

Claudia Castro

Ricardo Vargas is a very easy-going and enthusiastic professional, always eager to share his knowledge and experiences in Project Management and IT Area in a dynamic and
creative way. I am very proud for attending his classes and receiving lots of incentives to become a PMP professional and contribute to PMI innitiatives. Highly recommended!

Hosmanny Goulart

Ricardo is a great master of the Project Management. Joining theoretical and practical knowledge, he demonstrates his experiences and abilities. Moreover, he has been spreading
the Brazilian competency in Project Management for all the world. Congratulations and more success.

Renato Vieira

Ricardo Vargas is an authority in this field and is able to help us define next steps and plan to
move foward with our professional initiatives.

Ricardo Magno

Ricardo Viana Vargas is an icon on Project Management, especially in Brazil. His dedication to the profession is an example to be followed.

Thiago Campos Pereira

Ricardo Vargas is a excellent professional that shares all he knows and motivates his team.

Nícia Mafra

Ricardo Viana Vargas is one of the best professor at MBA in Project Management we had, because he can teach giving information about his professional works around the world. We can learn much better when we are connected with real situations rather than with ideas and theories. I would appreciate if he could send me more information about lectures or events in Brazil.