In this podcast Ricardo discuss the relevance of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to the Project Cost Management, specifically during the budget estimating. The podcast also discuss the influence of the WBS quality to the budget quality and the difference between cost and price in a project.


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  1. Florêncio Roque Giacomin Filho says:


    Muito esclarecedora a sua explicação sobre a diferença entre custo e preço.

    Uma outra confusão que é comum encontramos é com relação ao controle de custos em um projeto – econômico / financeiro (Quando você reconhece o custo e quando você realemte realiza o desembolso). Segue como sugestão para um próximo Podcast.

    Um abraço,

  2. Christopher Daniel says:

    Hi Ricardo,

    Your talk gives a clear understanding between WBS with Cost Management and it also highlights the difference between Cost and price. I look forward for more such broadcast.

    Many thanks
    Christopher Daniel

  3. Willem Jacobus Viljoen says:

    Thanks for a well received Pot-cast
    You are talking about a *Deliverable Orientated, Integrated, Work, Organizational and Cost Breakdown structure.
    This information long overdue to project staff and shall be of great value to many project managers worldwide.
    Many project teams have been miss-led (unknowingly) over the last 20 years in believing that planning software develops the correct WBS automatically. Very few understand the benefit when the estimate is in the format of a *Deliverable Orientated, Integrated Work, and Organizational and Cost Breakdown structure. (as mentioned -your wbs)
    Also very few project staff members understand that is *that structure that should be offered to systems like SAP and Prizm etc. so as to make project controls effective.
    And lastly, very few senior managers (and owners of projects), know that without *that structure they really have in-effective and unproductive project controls
    Thanks again and I totally support you !
    *that structure = *Deliverable Orientated, Integrated Work, and Organizational and Cost Breakdown structure.

  4. The WBS is the backbone of every project! Only if a well developed WBS exists, it will be possible to develop a schedule that is reliable! The WBS can be compared to a Bill of Material. No one in the manufacturing industrie would start an order without having a BOM. But some people still belive they can successfully start and end a project with out it. And so is the concept realized in several software products, where the focus is on activities only and not upon a project structure. But that is a misunderstanding and underestimation of projects. The scope needs to be defined in a WBS, then a schedule can be completed in its details.

  5. Neto says:

    Ricardo Vargas,

    Realmente, faço das palavras do Florêncio, as minhas:

    – Muito esclarecedora a sua explicação sobre a diferença entre custo e preço.

  6. Mark Nwani says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has definitely gone a long way to giving me a detailed over-view of what the Work Breakdown Structure process entails. Thank you so very much for clarfying its application to my masters coursework. How can i sign up to updates on this website??????

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