In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the Soccerex – the largest convention and business of football in world, which was held in Rio de Janeiro between 20-24 November. He was invited to attend the event and had the opportunity to talk about some key issues for planning the 2014 soccer cup. Ricardo reminded that the works for the World Cup will be competing with the pre-salt, construction of hydroelectric, PAC and they will miss the entire human resources to meet this demand. Ricardo also said that the works for the crown in 2014 will not only reforms in stages, is a much more extensive since it involves infrastructure, transmission, data link training to taxi drivers in the English language.


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  1. Marcus Augusto Ferreira de Almeida says:

    Olá Ricardo,
    Parabéns pelo número 200! Acompanho os podcasts faz bastante tempo e este é o de número 158 que ouvirei.

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