1. I’m starting a career in Project Management. What should I do?

For professionals who are starting a career in project management, Ricardo prepared many podcasts to support them.
To listening the podcast about beginning of career click on:

See also the Podcasts Special Lists, with specially selected podcasts: http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/playlists/

Look at PMI’s website (www.pmi.org), information on the certifications offered by the institution.
Ricardo prepared 4 podcasts about certification click on the following links:

Usually those who are starting a career in Project Management needs to work experience, find work in a PMO or work with a project manager to better understand the PM.
Approach to PMI chapter of your region and candidate as volunteer. Make a masters degree in project management.

Learning another language is always good, especially English or Spanish. The project management using the standard PMI is known worldwide for those who have this knowledge, the possibility to work in other countries is great.

It’s always good to be part of mailing lists on project management.
Ricardo has a very good book on Project Management which is the ” Practical Guide to Project Planning”. For details, see in http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/books/.

On this site there are several videos and documents in the Downloads Center, which contains information on project management.

The books and articles are also available at Issuu and Slideshare.

2. Where can I buy Ricardo’s books?

Visit http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/books/ and click on “details” of each book.

3. Are the podcasts recorded only in Portuguese?

Since April, 6th, 2009 Ricardo records his podcasts in English and Portuguese before that date all were recorded only in Portuguese.

4. How can I download all Podcasts?

To download the podcasts that are in playlists, you can go on the detail page of a playlist and download all there. See page: http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/pt/playlists/

But if you want to download all the podcasts same site, just use the iTunes program on your computer. You have it installed? If not, the Apple website you can download for free: http://www.apple.com/itunes/

With it installed, you need to subscribe to the podcast of Ricardo. The Itunes will then list the available episodes and you’ll have the chance to download all the podcasts.

To subscribe, do the following:

  1. Visit the podcast Itunes page: https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/id324698370 and subscribe.


  1. Copy this link: http://www.ricardo-vargas.com/?feed=podcast
  2. Go on iTunes and in the Advanced menu, click Subscribe to Podcast (Subscribe to Podcast). Paste the link.

All set! The podcast name will appear in the sidebar of your iTunes Podcasts panel from now on and every time there is a new episode  it will be downloade automatically.

ITunes will show the title of all podcasts already published. You can then download all the episodes by clicking the “Get All” option that is next to the title “5 Minutes Project Management Podcast”. ITunes will download one by one, all the podcasts to your computer.

Note: If iTunes does not automatically download a list of all episodes, starting with the episode “Challenge Projects”, of 01.13.2007, do the following: click the right button over the title of the podcast (the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast) and choose “Show all available episodes” (“Show all available episodes”, in English).

5. How do I register in the reader’s area?

The reader’s area is only for readers of Ricardo’s books written in Portuguese.

The instructions below are in Portuguese.

Comprei um livro impresso, mas não encontrei o código de acesso

O código de acesso para a Área do Leitor vem impresso num cartão anexado à contra-capa do livro. Note que alguns livros, de edições antigas, não apresentam o cartão de acesso. Estes continham um CD com os mesmos arquivos que hoje estão disponibilizados na Área do Leitor. Apenas conterão o código livros cuja capa apresente um ícone com o texto “…Área do Leitor”.

Observação: Caso você tenha comprado um livro de edição recente e não tenha encontrado o cartão com o código de acesso anexado, por favor envie-nos um e-mail.

Comprei um e-book, onde está o código de acesso?

As edições eletrônicas dos livros, seja em .epub (para iPads, Nooks etc.) ou em .mobi (para Kindle) não apresentam código de acesso em seu texto. Para obter seu código, por favor envie-nos um e-mail com cópia do seu recibo da compra da loja onde comprou o ebook.