Take advantages of the Macrosolutions’ services. Improve and ensure the results of the project office in your company. With internationally recognized expertise, the Macrosolutions is the market leader, with over 100 projects offices implemented in several countries and now manage more than US$ 18 billion in investments.

Optimize tools, planning and communication processes to ensure your company’s increased maturity on projects and consequently the best results.

Key issues addressed

  1. Projects Management Office dealing with results below expectations
  2. Low teams’ performance
  3. Improvisations increase
  4. PMO’s Loss of support and recognition as a legitimate information and best project’s practices source
  5. Constant PMO by-pass to project teams and stakeholders
  6. Loss of the executive support
  7. Projects poor performance in terms of time and costs
  8. Risk imminent perception with no control planning

Scope of work

  • Company’s current maturity assessment and project management gaps analysis
  • Mathematical modeling of Return on Investment (ROI) considering the tangible and intangible benefits of the project structure. (Based on the technical paper developed by Ricardo Vargas)
  • Sponsors and key stakeholders’ buy-in/involvement
  • Process model assessment and restructuring
  • Definition of the documents templates
  • Establishment of the executive reports based on the Management by Exception PRINCE2 ‘s principle
  • Gaps Assessment and analysis of the team to be allocated in the project office
  • Successful case structuring
  • Rollout and assisted operation
  • Coaching with Ricardo Vargas

Fact sheet

Estimated duration of the consultancy work [?]
3 months
Work complexity [?]
Client's team (minimum required) [?]
Existing PMO Team
Client's team allocation x Macrosolutions team allocation [?]
25% Client's Team
75% Macrosolutions' Team
Ricardo Vargas - (roles and responsibilities) [?]
Project Manager
Project estimated number of visits [?]
4 visits
Maturity Level (minimum required) [?]
Organizational level of coverage [?]
Corporate: ★★★
Departmental: ★★★
Project: ★★★★★
Language(s) [?]
Portuguese, English, Spanish

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I hired Ricardo on 2009 to help Technicolor in PMO implementation for NPI (New Product Introduction) , R&D (Research and Development) and LSS (Lean 6 Sigma). Additionally, I hired Ricardo in several Project Management Trainings (PMDOME Workshop, Leadership in Projects, Risk Management, PMO Workshop to Project Management Teams). Ricardo is really an expert, very detail-oriented, with outsdanding job and focused on results. He also has done a great job for the PM comunity, contributing to spread the PM best practices around the world. Ricardo is a Top professional in Project Management and I was impressed with his job and final product I got. I really recommend him.

Márcia Aguiar

Technicolor | Manaus, Brazil

Vargas is the best professional project management in the world! He is a great motivator for the beginners in this discipline in organizations and colleagues in Brazil. I’ve been privileged to work directly with Vargas and learn from him what is to be proactive, organized and creative.

Fernando Parreiras

A&C | Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Ricardo is a great master of the Project Management. Joining theoretical and practical knowledge, he demonstrates his experiences and abilities. Moreover, he has been spreading the Brazilian competency in Project Management for all the world. Congratulations and more success.

Hosmanny Goulart

Fundação Getúlio Vargas | Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Ricardo is one of the most intelligent and high energy professional in the Project Management field. We worked together delivering a project management workshop for 160 participants in a single session. It was challenging and we did great. It was very nice to work with Ricardo because he have a passion for high quality services and do not stop until find the best and perfect solution. I wish the best for Ricardo in his career and business development.

José Finocchio Jr

PM 2.0 | São Paulo, Brazil

  • Supported standards and methodologies

    Project Management Institute (PMI)
    PMBOK Guide Yes
    PMI Practice Standard for Estimating Yes
    PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value Management
    PMI Practice Standard for Configuration Management Optional
    PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management Yes
    PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structure Yes
    PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling Yes
    PMI Standard for Portfolio Management
    PMI Standard for Program Management
    PMI Project Manager Development Competency Framework Yes
    Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) Yes
    UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
    PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) Yes
    MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Optional
    M_O_R (Management of Risks)
    P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model)
    P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices)
    MoP (Management of Portfolios)
    MoV (Management of Value)
    Scrum Alliance
    Scrum Methodology Yes
    International Project Management Association (IPMA)
    ICB® IPMA Competence Baseline Yes
  • Areas: approach comprehensiveness

    Area Comprehensiveness Description
    Integration ★★★★★ Includes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated.
    Scope ★★★★★ Includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully.
    Time ★★★★★ Includes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project.
    Cost Optional Includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget.
    Quality ★★★ Includes the processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.
    Human Resource ★★★★ Includes the processes required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the project.
    Communications ★★★★★ Includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information.
    Risk ★★★★★ Systematic process of identifying, analyzing, and responding to project risks. It includes maximizing the probability and consequences of positive events and minimizing the probability and consequences of adverse events to project objectives.
    Procurement Optional Includes the processes required to acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization to attain project scope.
    EHS Optional Involves processes related to work safety, health and environment, including specific regulations.
    Strategic Planning ★★★ Involves the processes which link projects with corporate strategy through the indicators of the Balanced Scorecard's goals.

Additional Information Top ↑

Today corporations have tens to hundreds of projects running simultaneously, often using non-standard controls and without a healthy integration between the areas. These projects are usually related to a variety of investment types, such as the development of new products, reengineering processes, total quality initiatives, new marketing programs, new industrial units or new market demands and customers.

Interested in knowing more closely the value of project management, many entities have undertaken the researches. According to KPMG, over 30% of projects in the world are canceled when they are still in the middle of their execution, over 50% of projects exceed their budgets up to 190% and, when they are complete, the schedule delay is up to 220%.

In 2006, the PMI (Project Management Institute) sponsored an extensive three years research from which the book "The Value of Project Management” was published. The study sought to collect, analyze and disseminate how project management’s importance can be observed and measured.

The survey was conducted in 65 organizations from different countries around the world, notably Europe, China, North America, among other regions, and took into account a wide economic sectors variety, but in particular the construction, high technology and manufacturing.

As a result of this research, it may be noted that large organizations have realized the project management as a core competence to enable their production processes success and the success of other enterprises, with subsequent financial value achieved from this success.

Also, executives from large corporations emphasized that there are other types of value that go beyond the increasing competence of project teams: organizations departments and units’ integration improvement, through a greater alignment between operations, knowledge and new skills creation. That is, the project management allows not only to improve the organizations’ business, but also to change their behavior in the market.

Thus, there are three types of value that are the research’s pillars.

  • Execution: Results, performance, project success concerning the budget and schedule;
  • Integration: Alignment, communication, silo-busting, agility;
  • Knowledge: Change Management, innovation, new products and service development, capacity, business processes.